martes, 1 de abril de 2008


Florals seem to be appearing everywhere. I see them worn in so many different styles its impossible not to feel attracted to the endless possibilities they have to offer.

I got my *best* thrift find ever recently. I floral high waisted skirt with pockets on the side. The silk is so soft it makes me want to sleep in it, and I love that the colours and the print remind me of some tacky Miamiesque 80's skirt. Its a bit too long, which makes it just look outdated, but I'm cutting it today to make it shorter. I'll be posting soon on how it turned out.

In the mean time, here are some different floral combinations I've been running into. First two from Facehunter and the third one from Sally Jane Vintage. I tried to show a floral top combination, a floral skirt one and a floral dress one.

The thing is, I did go through a strong floral phase sometime... quite a few years ago. I was channeling my inner hippie through floral blouses and skirts, but I felt like those years were over for a good reason. I mean, no more peasant blouses for me please!

Nevertheless, after finding this beautiful silk skirt I understood why flowers haven't gone out of style after all these decades. It's their adapting potential what makes them an always-returning fashion. Although floral prints make me instinctively think of boho outfits and natural romantic long wavy hair, some have managed to give them a rather fun spin.

Look at Luella's collection for some punk-floral inspiration.

So... I'm now so convinced about the imperative need of finding some cute flower skirts and blouses. That will be my weekend mission it seems. I think I might go for overly cute/slightly tacky flower prints to try and punk them up a bit. I'll let you know how it goes. I've got a busy busy day today and tomorrow, but I'll try and get pictures of my silk skirt to show you soon.


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Fabi dijo...

hola Jimena!! Me alegra mucho q me hayas escrito, siento mucho responderte hasta hoy pero no habia tenido chance de recibir mi correo :( me alegro q hayas tomado la decision de abrir tu blog, tenemos q tar contando nuestras experiencias jejeje, y esa falda de la q hablas parece ser fabulosa!!! yo tambien soy fan de esa coleccion de luella, tan soñadora, no crees?! te mando un abrazo hasta peru y ya te agrego a mis links!!


because im addicted dijo...

im totally coveting florals. they brighten up my life!