miércoles, 16 de abril de 2008

pretty little things under the sun

This weather is driving me crazy. A few days ago, the sunny sky and the lovely light seemed just right for this summer dress and today, I would have frozen had I not worn socks, shoes, trousers, a jacket and a light cotton scarf (which I finished knitting a few days ago and hope to post photos of soon). It makes dressing in the morning such a hard task!
I only put on the sweater for the photo, it was pretty late in the afternoon and it was getting a bit chilly, it was to hot to wear anything over the dress during the morning.
Anyway... these are my new shoes. I love them. And apparently bows seem to be what everyone is talking about lately, right?
Oh... catching on with the trends...

I wish I could show better photos of the dress, it was such a lovely day that I felt I really needed to take the pictures outside, unfortunately, I have no tripod, so setting the camera somewhere at a decent height was a rather impossible task.
There is Iago... as usual.

This bag has a special meaning to me. It's nothing special, but my mother used to wear it when she was my age and its one of the few things she kept (don't really know why...). I have traded a lot of my more stylish bags for this one, isn't it nice to wear things that belonged to the people you love?

I tried to take a photo of the whole outfit, yet Iago got in the way and my camera's battery died!


11 comentarios:

Allure dijo...

Those shoes are sooooooo pretty

Kira Fashion dijo...


so nice shoes!
love the first photo, so amazing!!!

you got a lot of style!
thanks a lot for passing back,
akiss and a hug,
keep in touch,

Lizziethegreat dijo...

I adore those shoes! I just added you to my blog roll :)

e.jay dijo...

I like your shoes very much, and the dress is very spring-y! hahaha if you read Lucky magazine you'd probably get that.

Luxe. dijo...

Those shoes are lovely, I cant wait for it to be more summery here. I'm bored of the winter!

Adele dijo...

realllyyy... those shoes are amazing and the whole out fit is so amazing...
i agree with you about the weather... its the same wear iam... one day the suns out the next day its raining loads!
i really like the dress aswell... and i love how you added the brown cardigan, i love all kinds of cardigans and i love yours =]
hope your ok.x

zoeeeee dijo...

those shoes are soooooo adorable

Romeika dijo...

Love the shoes, and the floral print of ur dress.

Old.soul.in.the.city dijo...

Those shoes are too die for :) <3 the blog ...link exchange?

SpiegelEule dijo...

ohh what a lovely outfit. nice shoes.

lou dijo...

very nice shoes!!!
so hype !!
I "discovered "your blog ,this is very good!!(I am french I speak not good english!!)sorry!!!