domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

Young Folks

The Lousiville born-NY based singer-songwriter Dawn Landes is my latest musical discovery. I was lucky enough to ran into her Peter, Bjorn & John's "Young Folks" cover recently and kind of fell in love with it. Strangely enough, I found some parts of the song rather annoying when I first heard it (old folks singing out of tune for half the song in a rather off-setting contrast with her soulful and sweet voice), until they suddenly clicked and worked. Specially when I watched the video and realized they're sung by... well, old folks. Rather cute if I may say so myself.
So I really wanted to write this post, because hopefully, someone else will listen and fall in love with her music as much as I did. And there are not many things in life that, for me, compare to the pleasure of exploring and finding new sounds. While she puts a bluegrass spin on "Young Folks", she does an amazing job in delivering a traditional American sound with a modern twist through the rest of her album. Her voice is soothing and mellow, and melancholic yet cheerful and hopefull. I'm not really sure how well known she is in America (maybe she's old news for you folks already), but here in Peru, I haven't met anyone who knows her yet.

Researching a bit to write this, I found some photos and realized not only is her music beautiful, but so is her and her style. With a quirky yet understated style, she makes me think of places I haven't seen yet I long for.

No 'what I wore today' post tonight. I've got too much work to do to even try and find batteries for the camera. I'll do it tomorrow.
By the way, congratulations to Aisha from ColouredBlue for her first blogger's birthday!

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