viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Holly stripes, Batman!

Here's the deal. I love clothes. I love colour. I love fabrics.
I love fashion, but I've never really followed fashion shows or kept a close eye of celebrities' trends. There's no actual reason for this, its just the way its been. Clothing, to me, was always about expressing who I was, and most of the time, I couldn't really find anything out on the streets that I felt identified with. I marched at my own rythm. I gotta admit, this has changed over the years, and I now find some pleasure in experimenting with trends and trying to spin them in my own personal way.
Still, I don't really keep up with the latest trends and I've been rarely seen wearing the 'it' item of the moment. I usually catch up with those a bit too late. While inspiration may come from a variety of places, runways are usually the last source I turn too.
So I was quite a bit surprised about the fact of how much I fell in love with Luella's collection.
After seeing their beautiful florals I went on a flower hunt that hasn't finished yet and started craving for a Batman sweater or shirt. In reality, I knew the latter would be a desire quite hard to satisfy. I don't think Peru is gonna catch up any time with Luella's show and a vintage Batman item was going to be hard to find. Since I don't have a credit card, E-Bay was out of the question.
I kind of gave up. And then... well, I don't really know what happened. I guess the fashion fairies worked hard at night, because when I woke up a few days ago I found a Batman hoodie in my closet! I don't know where it came from. I asked my friends, my mother, everyone, and nobody knows who it might belong to.
I didn't really tell anybody about my Batman fantasy so I don't think it could be a mistery present from someone I know.
So... I don't know where it came from, but here it is! And... I guess it's mine!

I wore this today for a relaxed day at uni. I didn't really plan the outfit, just threw on pretty much the first thing I felt like wearing. I wasn't really sure where I got the idea of wearing my Batman hoodie with a striped top until it suddenly hit me. I had seen it been worn like this, here! Funny how we might not really be thinking about something at a specific moment, yet, it re-surfaces without us knowing!

Thank you for looking!

I have to run to work now!


6 comentarios:

Isa dijo...

haha, love that batman combo!
thank you for your lovely comment as well!

Adele dijo...

haha im exactly the same... ive always cared about what iam wearing but only recently cared actually about Fashion... love the batman hoody! Theres a batman long sleeve top from Urban Outfitters i really really want it but its £35 and its not really worth that! im gonna ebay it haha! great post.x

zoeeeee dijo...

at first when i saw the batman sweater i was like nooo 12 year old emo nooo but then i saw the other pictures and you actually pull it off super cute.

Cate dijo...

wow! magic! you want a batman sweater, and one appears in the closet! wow. i love your look, especially the striped top. and your skirt is cute too - and not to forget the batman sweater ^^

e.jay dijo...

I wish I had a superman hoodie! Batman's great too, and you look really cute in it!

Kira Fashion dijo...


i really enjoy your outfit and the dog!
i know what you mean, about not finding anything you like or great socks to rocks...
do you have any zara at your city? because, if you have, you will find there!!

a kiss and a hug,
have a good work :)
keep in touch every new post ok?
see you,