miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

Market Morning

Its been such a beautiful morning. Although I recently wrote about kissing summer good bye, I've got to admit, the sun still seems quite reluctant to completely leave. Nights are a bit chillier than before, but the mornings still have a beatiful golden tone to them that just makes me happy.

So I decided to cut classes today and stay home. The thing is, its a 40 minutes ride to my university and while I like it there, its definitely not in the nicest of neighbourhoods. I'm glad I study there, and I realize how priviledged I am to be getting a great education in a country where most are struggling to survive and make it through the day. Not only that, but its a great university too. Not only academically, but I've met some of the most interesting people I know there, and I've made friendship I know I'll treasure for life. Although its called Catholic University, don't let the name fool you (although I've met some pretty cool Catholics so please don't take any offense in this comment), its actually known for being a very open-minded environment, with a diverse student body and a strong participation in the national's cultural and social development. But the thing is, I just couldn't make myself go there today. I wasn't really in the mood to sit in traffic for almost an hour, with all the pollution and the noise.
So I stayed home. Glad I did. I drove my bycicle down to the nearby market to buy some fruits and took my dog out for a walk.

Walking down the market, with the smell of fruits and flowers all around me, astound by the colours surrounding me was just what I needed. Sometimes people forget about the simplest pleasures in life, moments that don't really have anything magnificent about them, but that make life a more enjoyable experience. Everything's easier in the world today, its easier to eat, to move, to dress... If you're among the lucky ones in the world, things will be done for you by someone else. You can enter a supermarket, and there is everything, picked and packaged for you. Or open a magazine, to know exactly what to wear, take a care to the store, park as close to the door as you can and dress in the clothes somebody desgined just so they would sell well. It was nice, skipping class, taking the morning off and going to the market. It was nice, not to do much.

The thing is, I've started this new part-time job. It's at a restaurant, and one that I quite enjoyed eating in before my job started. It's like a cozy Italian trattoria, and quite popular. I have to dress in black, tie my hair back and take reservations, show people to their tables, manage the waiting list, etc. Its a good job, and the pay is decent (not saying decent as a euphemism for not bad at all - which would be a euphemism for pretty darn good- but just 'decent'). But... I don't know, I guess I"m just not used to doing something I'm not really feeling deep inside. Maybe I'm just a spoiled brat. But I can't help missing the nights I used to have just for myself. (its a night job, since I'm at uni during the day). The good thing is, now I'll be able to save money for a few things I really really want to do (I won't tell what they are, I don't want to jinx them...). Hopefully I won't spend it all in clothes!

After writing my last post, about flowers, I went through my closet again and realized I have PLENTY of things with flower prints. Specially skirts and dresses. Some of them are a bit too romantic and sweet for my taste, but some of them I still love. Don't really know why they had been thrown in the back of my closet.

I found this black dress like shirt with white flowers Ibought for about 1$ in a thrift market. I know I said something about punking flowers up, but this time I just felt like going for something easy and relaxed. Wasn't really trying too hard today.

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Aisha dijo...

cuando tenga 18, trabajaré :)
pero antes que en un restaurant, preferiría trabajar en una librería o disco-tienda.

Mhmhm, he ido a la paz, pero sí resulta caro al final y tampoco quedé así woah de impresionada. Habían adornitos muchos y billetes viejos...


Auntie Tati dijo...

I love the photo with the bicycle!

And you are wearing one of the best looking floral dresses ever.

e.jay dijo...

Great thrift store buy! A dollar? What luck, for such a pretty dress. Your dog is beautiful.

Poetic Fashion dijo...

Your blog is great, and we share a similar love for our dogs and clothes. I too ama college student here in California. Keep coming with the great posts.

Poetic Fashion dijo...

Your blog is great, and we share a similar love for our dogs and clothes. I too ama college student here in California. Keep coming with the great posts.