lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

Keeping it simple


I've been finding quite a few articles in qute a few blogs on how important it is to understand the need of buying basics. I don't happen to be, as it seems, the only one who confronts their closet every morning wondering what to wear that striped skirt with or what the hell to do with that printed long blouse.
Although I love the mix'n'match that some people seem to effortlessly get in their daily outfits, time has told me I feel more comfortable and more like myself going for a boho laid-back look rather than all crazy. Don't get me wrong here, I love crazy and sometimes it is so much fun to make people turn their heads in disbelief or even in disaproval. It is also amazing to go for combinations that sound terrible on paper but that work oh so well in person. At the end of the day, clothes are what you wear as an outer expression of your inner world. It is my personal and humble opinon that everyone's style should never be determined by anybody but them.
That also makes me think about the blogs that have inspired me to start blogging. If there is one thing that I would celebrate about them, is originality. It is hard to be original. People around those who dare to act, speak, dress, think according to their own personal beat will always face criticism from those who feel threatened by them. I have always wondered how many great things haven't get done in this world because those who could do them were too scared to face the intimidating world that would be waiting them in disaproval.

I had been stalking (for the lack of a better word) quite a few blogs for a while now until I ran into Aisha's Coloured Bleu blog and decided to start blogging myself. The beauty of these blogs is that by posting in them, we reveal what we are about and become enriched by what others are. In that sense, I'm loving Fabi and her Diary of a Thirld World Fashionista. She writes and thinks about what its like to be herself in an environment that doesn't exactly encourage that. Her last post about the intolerance she faced at work when others discovered her blog and the way she decided not to stop that from doing what she loves to do. It's been really inspirational now that I've started blogging and I'd like to say thanks to her for that. If there's a strong sense of community between fashion bloggers around the world, I think its probably safe to say that that sense becomes even stronger between those of us who live among those whose idea of fashion is a top as tight as it could be and jeans and where its not about choosing what you want to buy for your wardrobe but finding something worthwhile.

Anyway... going back to the original idea of my post - Basics. I went shopping yesterday, with a very set mind on buying a few basics I really needed. I ended up spending a bit more money than what I had originally planed but then realized that since all these iterms were going to be worn probably quite often, they should better be made with good materials and I nice cut. I'm pretty happy with the results. I actually like them so much that I like how they look together, not a basic boring outfit in my opinions. I think I'm starting to grow up as a shopper, realizing the importance of quality over quantity and making more smart buys than before.

I ended up getting a pair of short flat black boots (Basement), a high waisted black trouser (Joaquim Miro) and a couple of basic single coloured tops by MNG. I'm terribly sorry about he boring unoriginal photos, I was actually kind of just testing with these ones but my camera's battery died before I could take some of the photos I really wanted (basics worn with non-basics). Oh well, I still wanted to post for the day, so here it is. I never imagined I would get so excited about buying such un-exciting clothes.

3 comentarios:

Aisha dijo...

Los básicos, de esos que te hacen la vida muy fácil que quedan largos y sueltones, esos mismos... perfección :)

Me gustaron los bvds que compraste, lso colores son los más combinables. Estaré esperando por la segunda parte del post en la que le pones lo no tan convencional al asunto de lo "básico".

Cierto que fabi es encantadora?
A mí también me encanta su blog.

e.jay dijo...

Really like your blog! I will be back! :-)

Anónimo dijo...

I love this outfit! I'm a firm believer in simple outfits, and I wear basics to death - so this kinda outfit is perfect to me! Really funky blog, I'll definitely be adding you to my dailys :)