sábado, 29 de marzo de 2008

bye bye summer

Looking at different blogs I've got to admit I'm starting to feel a bit jelous about everyone puting their tights away, showing legs and shoulders, looking a bit more cheerful and finding new sources of inspiration for the summer to come.

Down south its a whole different story. We just kissed summer good-bye a week ago and light cardigans and scarfs are starting to make their first appearances of the year. Sad thing is, I've got some thrifted items I'm not ready to put away yet. Like this dress.

I don't really wear colour usually. Everyone around me knows I tend to go for fall colours the most, although I am trying to add some bits of red, turquoise and purple lately to my wardrobe. This dress, however, is a different story. It's got neon pink and blue and white and black stripes. I think its a bit too much for me, but its still a fun dress to say bye bye summer in.

I wish I had something summery to do today. Instead I think I might clean up my room a bit, it gets pretty crowded with all kinds of garbage during uni.

3 comentarios:

The Vintage Society dijo...

It is great to see your blog! I love you photos.. and content.

Have fun!

Aisha dijo...

Me gusta el vestido, yo tengo uno con la misma combinación de colores, era de una tía y así pasó a mis manos :)

Lo de los hits, lo puedes ver uniéndote a sitemeter.com :)

Que lindo que has empezado a postear más seguido (;

un beso.

the freelancer's fashionblog dijo...

I like your photos.