lunes, 7 de julio de 2008

After Hours

Being away for so long - it has been almost two months - made me think about the reasons why I started blogging in the first place. Going through some of my favorite blogs I can see different motives why people do so themselves. There are the creative and artistic bloggers, the look-what-I-just-found bloggers, the help-me-decide-an-outfit-between-all-these-options ones, the blogging-as-a-healing-process, the I blog as a way to gain more security on my unorthodoxal style sense.
So, why do I blog? I'm not quite sure if I fit into any of those categories, in fact, I'd say most people fit into more than one of those descriptions.
What is it about for me?
I'm a pretty outgoing person in 'real' life, yet I can't seem to get rid of this feeling of loneliness that I foster. I guess it's because my social persona filters a lot of my insecurities, dreams and contradictions and presents what she believes is a more appealing and interesting version of me.
I have read in a lot of blogs people saying that bloggers act and present themselves differently than in real life. I don't believe this means they are 'faking' the image they present to the anonimous world that is the web, on the contrary, I think blogging gives people the opportunity to experience and experiment with that side of themselves that they usually hide for various reasons. Is the self that you present on your blog more or less real than the one you show to the people you deal with on regular basis? I don't think its neither. I have always been a firm believe that there is nothing such a set and established self, but rather, different aspects of each person manifest in different opportunities.
In that way, I love the opportunity that this blog gives me. It gives me the opportunity to share a part of myself that I usually keep to myself and in that way, get to know who I am in a deeper sense.

Thank you all for the comments. A lot has happened in this month a half - lots of important decisions, I'll hopefully get to them eventually. I think my favorite item for this winter are my red tights. Also, taking this photograph makes me realize what a mess my bookshelf is. Hopefully now that finals are ending I'll have time to fully clean and reorganize my room.

(currently listening to: Kleider - La Capital)

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Poetic Fashion dijo...

Jimena, I'm so glad you have returned. you stayed on my daily reads list and I checked to see if you wrote everyday. I'm hoping you'll post some great outfit pictures, to inpspire those of us who are in the summer here in the U.S. for when the weather cools and fall arrives. Great first post back- I have heard the same types of accusations regarding blogs and I also think they're untrue. I am completely who I am in real life. Cheers to being who we are ;)

Isa dijo...

that was a very good post, it absolutely nailed it.
when I have to explain blogging to people who do not know it really I am always having a hard time not making it look like such an egocentric or ditsy thing.
to me though, my blog is not living the hidden identity that I don´t dare to show in `real life´ or becoming secure about myself.

to me blogging is more about inspiration.
I am really into fashion but not neccesarily the way magazines represent it - so I love to stray around looking beyond people´s styles, seeing what some swedish girl is moved by.
and my personal blog then is kind of my very own inspiration book - I can scroll back to see what inspired me some other day, like a documentary of my own style.

okay, that was long -
I just wanted to say´I just got into your blog and really like it so it would be a pity to see you stop out of doubt!
also, that you live in peru is so fascinating to me - how about some pictures?

bisou, isa

Richel dijo...

i love the colors in this outfit!

Kennedy dijo...

i really like your blog as well, i expect ill be back here often and am linking you immediately. <3

ps: those red tights! love em

The Clothes Horse dijo...

I'm very glad you're back and looking lovely. I agree with so much about what you said on blogging. I definitely see it as exposing another side to myself that I usually keep quiet--it's not a double standard, it's just another part of me. I wonder what category of bloggers I fit in...

Dotti dijo...

Nice to have you back girl. I missed your reflective writing.

Paris Tarts dijo...

I love your red tights!!


katrina dijo...

oh how strange! i just found your blog today and was going to say something about it and then found i had a comment from you! thank you :) i really like your blog as well. i hope you don't mind if i put a link for your blog in mine.

Aisha dijo...

bienvenida de vuelta, Jimena (;

Aisha dijo...

eso de que muchas veces los bloggers nos mostramos diferentes en los posts es bastante arbitrario; tú, aunque no te conozco mucho, eres exactamente como te imaginé.

discothequechic dijo...

Must dig out some brightly coloured tights!..