viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008

This is not good-bye

Well... It was bound to happen at some point. A few days ago, my digital camera (which wasn't very good to begin with), decided it was time to call it quits.

We've had a short but nice life together - she said - I jus't don't feel there's anything new we can give each other. Its time to go separate ways...

The funny thing is... This wasn't a total shocker. Things hadn't been going great lately between us and I was doing things I certainly felt guilty about. I wasn't really cheating, but I can't admit I hadn't been tempted. Maybe she had already realized what those late nights I spent looking at her meant. Maybe she realized my dissapointed looks whenever I looked at the photos and felt... well, that this wasn't going to be able to go for much longer. In that case, I understand, she wanted to leave proudly, instead of slowly fading into oblivion.
Bottomline is, she's gone. So this blog will have to be on indefinite hiatus until I manage to get my hands on that other camera I mentioned. It should'nt be so long since I've got quite a good editing jobs I'm working at right now that don't make me feel exploited.
I envy bloggers who can keep blogs up with inspirational posts, or presenting beautiful collection of photographys they find online, but I guess that's just not me. The intention of this blog was... well, to share different bits and pieces of my life, and the lack of a digital camera certainly complicates that equation.
I'll still make sure to check my favorite blogs regularly and to keep discovering new ones, and to let everyone know when I'm posting again.
Lots of love, J.

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Dotti dijo...

Dearest Jimena, what a pitty. Normally I would have said, get well soon, little camera. But instead I say: Come back soon, lovely girl.

Kira Fashion dijo...

i hope to see you soon!

you are great!!

a kiss!!

Poetic Fashion dijo...

Jimena you already have been missed during your exam period! I hope you get your new camera and come back strong, and SOON. xoxox

e.jay dijo...

Aw, I really hope you get a new camera! We'll just call this hiatus ;-)

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Aw, how unfortunate. Hopefully you will find a new camera to bring home soon.

Mr.galle dijo...

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the_kitten dijo...

Oh, and that just when I discovered your blog and think it is utterly beautiful. I am waiting for you to get back on track in the meantime. Hope you get your hands on a new cam soon!!!!

raggamuffin dijo...

it better be soooon ! :)

ruby may dijo...

I like your blog a lot! Come and post a little more! It's sad about your camera... I hope you get a new one soon!

Romeika dijo...

I miss ur posts! Hope you come back soon.

Dotti dijo...

Are you ever going to came back? Look, I even changed my profile picture in the mean time. Hope that you are fine. Dotti.


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