viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

wandering in white

Although I'll be really busy the next following days, I didn't want to leave the blog on its own, all left alone...

So here's an interesting video. A friend of mine is moving to New York to study film direction in a couple of days, and he did a video with fragments of his first three shorts. I was in his first one, so that's me, the girl in white wandering through an abandoned street.

Shooting it was a beautiful experience. Although I don't have the full video, I thought it would be fun to share this. You can't really see it, but where I'm walking is actually located in front of an amazing beach in Lima. It used to be one of the fanciest places to hang out when my father was younger, a place to see and be seen. Nevetheless, because its hard to reach there, it became extremly dangerous during the almost two decades my country spent under the opression and fear of both terrorists and military forces alike.

Now it is pretty abandoned. It never really recovered from those dark times. Yet, it is one of my favorite places in the city, it looks decadent and fascinating. Like time froze. My friend lives in the building right above where I was walking, he has one of the most fascinating views in Lima for next to nothing.

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the_kitten dijo...

I discovered your blog through your comment on my own, and I LOVE it! Well, exactly, I love your style, it is very cute! Keep up the good work! I linked you, and keep an eye on it via my google reader!

Romeika dijo...

Your friend certain has the talent to become a filmmaker. What a beautiful work of cinematography, despite being short, it does show a lot of feelings. Was this your acting debut? I was just wondering, you act so natural and are so photogenic, you could pursue a career of the sort hehe;-)

Good luck to ur friend in NYC! May I ask what's he/she name?

Dotti dijo...

You are a little peacedove.

Aisha dijo...

Jimena, el video está incríble.
En realidad, eres perfecta para esa parte del video, caminando de una forma tan delicada que hace contraste con las paredes un tanto sucias y con pintas.

Me encantó.
También la parte en la que alguien se está lavando los pies con agua de un color verdoso.

La música también, era el hilo perfecto.

Kira Fashion dijo...

hi dear!

just passing to leave you a kiss,

see you!

Molly :] dijo...

Your friend is amazing! :)