miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

Into the wild

I just finished watching Into the Wild, a movie directed by Sean Penn. Many thoughts run through my mind as I write this. I had read the book several months ago and fell in love with it inmediately.

Although I'm more in tune with my mellow side on my day to day life, there is a part of me that knows some of the best things in life will not be found anywhere you can ride your car without any effort. I guess, like with everything in my life, I go through cycles. While I enjoy spending my nights at home, knitting, reading, drinking chamomille and writing, there is this urge that I can't really control (it may go away as unexpectedly as it arrives) to get out of my usual comfort zone. In the seeemingly masochistic act that renouncing to showers, hot food and a comfortable bed might be, there are great rewards to be found. Moreover, I don't think the insightful experiences one goes through when 'out in the wild' could ever be found without this uncomfortableness. It's not only about nature, it's also about leaving behind those things that make us fall into a dream-like state.

I'm not radical on this. I could never be like Chris McCandless, yet, I still think life becomes a whole different experience when one can appreciate sunsets in a deserted mountain or wake up in a cold morning next to a lake. Spend an afternoon on your own on a nearby forest or lake, its too easy to just sit and wait for days to pass.

I'm starting to feel the urge to get my backpack back on my shoulders, at least for a few days. I'll let you know if I decide to go away.

Meanwhile I'm spending my days in the park nearby my house, watching Iago run around in a mad happiness. Oh... and thrifting.

Will show my finds in next post.

By the way, I recommend reading the book more than I do watching the movie. The book is full of great insights by the writer that could, of course, not be captured on screen. Still, the movie is beautiful. Watch it if you get a chance.

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Eleh dijo...

i get what you meant by the "getting out of my comfort zone". at times, i experience that too.

p/s: i have linked you :D

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Oh, thrifting is always fun. I want to be the kind of person who takes life my the horns and just goes out there and lives, but I tend to hold myself back--it's so irresponsible!

.girl ferment. dijo...

thanks for a thought provoking post.