sábado, 12 de julio de 2008

This is not a love song

(Long distance relationships are hard. I don't feel like going into detail today, maybe I will tomorrow.)

So tonight I'm going dancing with some friends. This is what I'll be wearing. My friends are taking too long to arrive, so I'm using this opportunity to snap a quick and painless outfit-photo. They are coming to my house first. It's already half past twelve and they are not here, so I guess it will be a late night this time.
A cigarette and a beer will do me good tonight.

(I'm sorry if the photo effects bother you. I hope they don't. I just discovered them so they are fun to use)

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the_kitten dijo...

I do not know what you are currently going through exactly, but I am leading a long-distance relationship myself (Germany - US) and only can second you. I hope everything'll work out for you, though, as well as I hope everything'll work out with for me. We need to keep our heads high!

By the way, you commented on my "Bed Time Story"-Post, here's what I mean, but I have not gotten around to telling you that it actually had been an indirect response to your post before, After Hours. It somehow inspired me to think about what my blog really is about, and resulted in that one post. Thank you!

Ediot dijo...

i like this picture. its sinister and sincere. very beautiful.
i hope things do work out for you. thanks a lot for your comment on my blog :)

The Clothes Horse dijo...

I love your outfit and the picture is fantastic. Dancing with friends is a good time.

cottontree dijo...

thank you for the kind comment on my blog.
yours is lovely too, your outfits are wonderful.
hope things work out for you. xoxo

Equipo Dash & Cash dijo...

Hola, estoy conociendo tu blog.

Me gusta la combinación con tus zapatos (muuuy cómodos para bailar!) y el efecto de la foto, me encanta!

Que estés bien, gusto en conocerte.


katrina dijo...

yes, they are hard :(
i'm sorry
but i love your outfit

Kira Fashion dijo...

you are fantastic!
love the shorts with the tights!

a kiss!!

Cellar Door dijo...

Dancing always makes things better. Especially when you're dressed in such a cute outfit.

Outi dijo...

I think the photo effects make the photos interesting, and seem to fit the presentation of your outfits somehow; I like them, I don't think they are a bother at all.

Also, I like the way you write. I like reading your texts, I feel they are smartly pensive. :)

NATRIBU dijo...

Me gusta como vas vestida!